“To provide youth in conflict with the law, their families, and victims, with community-based support. And to foster accountability in the young offender, through meaningful and relevant restorative resolutions.”



Outstanding Programs

To operate as an alternative to the formal court system, by operating as an alternative measures program.

Youth Offender Support

To provide community support to the offender, with a view to assisting him or her to leading a more positive life in the community.

Appropriate Punishment

To impose meaningful and relevant sanctions on young offenders that assist them in making restitution through service orders and/or fine options.

Reduce Court Times for Youth

To reduce the overuse of Youth Court for less serious offences, where it is deemed that the young offender is less likely to re-offend.

Unbiased Perspectives

To demonstrate a concern for the victim, and the effect on the community, and take these into consideration when determining appropriate sanctions.


To provide young offenders with opportunities to take responsibility for their actions.

Promote Opportunities

To provide young offenders with a “second chance.”

Respecting Privacy for both Parties

It is expected that strict confidentiality be maintained at all times.

What Do We Do?


Youth Justice Committees in Alberta were established in 1993 under Section 69 of The Young Offenders Act. In February 2002 jurisdiction changed to Section 18 of the Youth Criminal Justice Act. We receive our authority, therefore from legislation, the Attorney General, and the Lieutenant in Council. There are almost 150 Youth Justice Committees in Alberta.

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We are a non-profit organization, comprised of volunteers, dedicated to working in partnership with the Courts/Crown Prosecutor, Police, and Community Corrections helping first or second repeat time young offenders lead constructive and responsible lives within the community. The Red Deer Youth Justice Committee was formed in 1994.
Members are drawn from all walks of life, and bring a wide variety of life experiences to the committee. By policy, all members in this Committee are over the age of 18 years. We are approximately twenty in number at present, but can always use more.

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“We consider the program to be a highly effective intervention program with lifelong benefits to all its participants. As such, we believe we perform a valuable service to our community. Approximately 90 percent of the young offenders whose cases are heard, complete the program successfully. Of those, a similar percentage remain trouble free, and do not re-offend within two years.”